Tingers refers to himself as a "Workshop Frontline Leading Hand Floor Supervisor". The initial aim was to provide some professional advice for aspiring Fitters and Workshop personnel. Though instead, Tingers went on a tirade about his views on the world, along with many social mishaps that have occurred throughout his life. This is the funniest yarn so far by a country mile. 

Here are the ins and outs, tips and tricks associated with Service Crew in Underground Mining. Dennis Byrne, Matt Smith and Jarod Selby share their wisdom on how to be a Service Crew "gun" underground.

Josh Pihlak was a star on the 2020 season of Married at First Sight. Great yarn about the juicy scandals and secrets from the season with an absolute legend of the show.

Professor Peter Doherty won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1996 for his work on "killer" T-Cell mediated immunity and is a well renowned expert in the fields of Medicine and Immunology.

We discussed the ins and outs of COVID-19, with a big focus on both potential Vaccines and Anti-Viral medications. For anything COVID-19 related, this is the Professional you should listen to.

Dr Greg Powell double's up as both a very well renowned Mixed Practice Veterinarian, and the "Old Man". Great yarn about Pandemics and Viruses in general, with a big focus on those within the Veterinary world (especially the Equine virus, "Hendra").

The Honourable Bill Johnston is the Western Australia Minister for Mines & Petroleum, Energy and Industrial Relations.

Great yarn about the below items and much more:

- Keeping Resource Operations open during COVID-19

- Initiatives in place by the WA to help the Resources Sector

- What is true about Climate Change

- Where the future of Energy Supply is heading

#77 - SEX

Caught your attention? This episode welcomes Rebecca Johnston who is a Sex, Relationship and Intimacy coach (Sexologist). Her business Rostered Relationships specialises in helping people living the FIFO/DIDO lifestyle overcome their sex, relationship & intimacy challenges so they can live their best lives in both worlds.

Check out Rebecca's website https://www.rosteredrelationships.com/

Adam Bean is both a Construction Operations Manager and Social Media Marketing expert. If you want to see social media executed at the highest standard, follow Beanie on all his social platforms. Also check out his website if your interested in getting social media coaching/advice from an expert (all links below):







Overview of the North Korean Cargo vessel "Pong Su" caught trying to smuggle 150kg of Heroin into Australia in 2003.

A brief history of arguably Australia's Number 1 Beer, EMU EXPORT!!!!

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