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Thanks to Shane McLeay and the crew at Entech for making the Legends series possible. Check them out at for all your Resource Geology, Mining Engineering, Geotechnical and Ventilation needs. Entech are global leaders in the Mining Consultancy game and are proud partners with Life Of Mine.

Barry Upton is the Managing Director at RUC Cementation Mining Contractors. From his early 20s, he has held several Managerial positions and has gained an extremely diversified range of Mining experience. This is one of the most captivating Mining chats that you will ever hear. Shaft sinking on Hong Kong Island, handshake contracts at Freeport, freezing Canadian ground for Shafts are just a few of the interesting things we discussed. An absolute legend of Mining and even more of a great bloke to go with it.

The full video episode is also available on Youtube at

Leanne Drew, aka Mad Mumzie, was the Pioneer of Mining Podcasts. She is an absolute legend and she came on to talk about her Mad Mumzie Podcast and Mining journey.

Check out her Podcast "Beers With a Miner" and all of her other links and resources listed below (including some of the episodes we referred to). She is like my new best friend, impossible not to bloody love her.


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Welcome to our first TLT-Turbo episode, a global Ventilation Fan supplier that is now breathing air into Life Of Mine. In our first yarn, we chat to Paul Michetti, TLT-Turbo Australia's front man for Western Australia. 

Paul has 40 years experience in the ventilation industry and has been selling Vent Fans to the Mining industry for 25 of those years. We talk about Paul's career and plenty about Underground Ventilation and Fans theory.

If you would like to get in contact with Paul and TLT-Turbo Australia, head to and follow the contact prompts.

So this was a bit of a piss take I did at work recently (worthy of a share). Tucker was having a meeting with the big boss to see if we can get a pay rise. As I could not attend the meeting, I sent him a mash up of funny endorsements from people on site (had a to pay some of them). I thought we'd bring some humour to the event, big boss got a laugh so all good. Enjoy.

Scott Williamson is the Managing Director at Blackstone Minerals (ASX:BSX).

Blackstone's major asset is the Ta KHOA Nickel-Copper project in Vietnam. Check them out at

Scott talked about the role Blackstone will play in both Mining and Refining Nickel concentrate to produce battery grade Nickel: Cobalt: Manganese (NCM) 811 Precursor for the Lithium-ion battery industry. 

We also delved in to the life of a Managing Director for a Public Mining company. Lots of hours, lots of flying (pre-covid) and plenty of wheeling and dealing all around the globe. 

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Steve "Squizzy" Taylor is a Leinster legend. He has been on the Jumbo for 25 years and has proudly made the shit ground at Leinster his own. We talk about his early career of Rugby League in Wollongong and how this put him in great stead to be a great Underground Miner. Squizzy takes a lot from his younger days of Rugby League and has applied it towards being a good cross shift and a team player.

There is plenty to learn in this episode about keeping yourself in a good head space and having a positive attitude towards your Mining career.

In this yarn we have a 4-way chat about the current skills shortage and high employee turnover/demand in the Underground Mining industry. This then feeds into discussing the challenge of manning up the Bellevue Gold Underground project in the coming year.

Life Of Mine was kindly joined by both some new and familiar faces for this chat:

- Kerry-Lee Lynx who is an Underground all-rounder.

- Shane McLeay, Principal Engineer at Entech.

- Craig Jones, COO at Bellevue Gold.

Welcome to another episode of the ENTECH LEGENDS series, proudly bought to you by the crew at Entech. If you are looking for an International Mining Consultant specialist, check them out at for all of your Resource Geology, Mining Engineering, Geotechnical and Ventilation needs.

Martin Down has recently retired from the Underground Mining industry, falling just a few years short of a 50 year career. His father was the Chief Accountant for Western Mining in Kambalda back in the 60s, which saw Martin find a career with WMC in the Mining industry. He worked all through Kambalda and spins plenty of intriguing yarns about Mining in the Nickel boom.

Martin was also a Shift Boss at Bronzewing and was heavily involved in the recovery efforts following the Backfill disaster in 2000, which saw 3 fatalities. This was a very emotional and powerful topic for Martin to open up on. It was a great tribute to the 3 Miners that passed, but also great recognition towards all the heroic Miners that were involved in the recovery.

First yarn of the Life Of Mine minis. A few things that everyone underground can do to help get more cuts. Everyone from Jumbo to the Truckies can do their part to get more metres. Feel free to get the comment train going with all your tips and tricks. 

Send through your Life Of Mine mini episode requests, and I'll talk heaps of shit and make them happen.

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Gemma Murphy has been a Mine Surveyor for over 25 years and is now the Operations Manager at Mine Survey Plus. She has been there and done it all and done it everywhere. Awesome yarn about the what Surveying was and where it is heading with all the new and exciting technology. Plenty of laughs and plenty of knowledge in this yarn. 

Make sure you check out Mine Survey Plus at They can hook you up with all the wizz bang Survey technology such as:

    • Gyroscopic theodolites
    • C-ALS (Cavity automated laser scanning system)
    • CMS (Cavity Monitoring Systems)
    • Drones
    • GPS
    • One man total stations

They can also provide technical solutions for:

    • Large scale underground resurveys
    • Shaft Surveys
    • Aerial Surveys
    • Cavity Surveys
    • Grid establishment on exploration projects
    • Surveyors for secondments


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